A little about brewd

Brewd~Sabino Canyon's new coffee shop

Brewd~Sabino Canyon’s new coffee shop

brewd is a fresh addition to the neighborhood and hopes to eventually become a place known for fun and activities in the Sabino Canyon area. Our goal is that we will become an extension of the local community; like a great, big living room where people can enjoy each other’s company.  The space formerly occupied by The Fred Astaire Dance Studio, has been renovated for brewd!  Our mission is to provide connections of all kinds: group meetings, entertainment, internet access, and school/community events.


People coming together at brewd for activities, entertainment or just to be together.  Meeting up after a bike ride or just relaxing in a comfy chair to surf the internet, brewd will be “The Place” to connect with neighbors, near and far.  Live music will be another factor distinguishing brewd from other coffee houses, as will be game nights, sporting events, and movie date nights.  The daily (and nightly) activities will be family friendly and fun for all ages!  brewd will also provide meeting space, with wi-fi and conferencing capabilities, catering to local businesses and community groups.  The night life at brewd is expected to be as busy as, if not busier than, the work day traffic.


So come on by and grab a cup!

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