Meet and Greet with City Council Candidate

Join us on Friday night as Brewd hosts a Meet and Greet for Mariano Rodriguez, Ward Six candidate for City Council.  

Mariano has been a resident of Tucson and the surrounding communities for close to 30 years. He has been an employee, which allowed him to develop skills as a listener, as well as to strengthen his skills as a team leader. Currently as an Architect /Business owner, he has been able to work with a variety of jurisdictions and cities around the state to transform ideas and thoughts into homes, developments and businesses.

These skill sets and his discipline are the tools that he hopes to utilize to visualize, strengthen, reinforce and empower our community, our small businesses, our Ward and our City. By engaging our council to look beyond what has been established and bringing new ideas and new visions, Mariano hopes to reassure the community, and our workforce that the City Council can work together to better our city.

Mariano is the proud owner of a business in Tucson, which enables him to support his family while giving back to our community. He believes that “Together We Can Build a Brighter Tucson!”

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