Sunday Funday-raiser for Tucson Veterans

Join us on Sunday-Funday from 6:00AM to Noon, as we enjoy Stage 21 of the Tour de France and support two local charities that combine our love of bicycles with our love for our Veterans.

There will be information, raffles and specials, all to raise money for and awareness of Tucson’s Velo Vets and Therapy Trykes.

Jim Click will be bringing the 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum by to show off the Grand Prize for the “Jim Click Millions for Tucson Raffle”. We will have Raffle tickets for sale. Every person who buys a raffle ticket will also be eligible for discounts on their Brewd drinks.

We will be playing the Live broadcast (as well as replays) of the Final Stage of the Tour, the Montgeron / Paris Champs-Élysées. Enjoy a special “Stage 21 Mimosa” and raise a glass as we celebrate the close of another exciting Tour!


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Meet and Greet with City Council Candidate

Join us on Friday night as Brewd hosts a Meet and Greet for Mariano Rodriguez, Ward Six candidate for City Council.  

Mariano has been a resident of Tucson and the surrounding communities for close to 30 years. He has been an employee, which allowed him to develop skills as a listener, as well as to strengthen his skills as a team leader. Currently as an Architect /Business owner, he has been able to work with a variety of jurisdictions and cities around the state to transform ideas and thoughts into homes, developments and businesses.

These skill sets and his discipline are the tools that he hopes to utilize to visualize, strengthen, reinforce and empower our community, our small businesses, our Ward and our City. By engaging our council to look beyond what has been established and bringing new ideas and new visions, Mariano hopes to reassure the community, and our workforce that the City Council can work together to better our city.

Mariano is the proud owner of a business in Tucson, which enables him to support his family while giving back to our community. He believes that “Together We Can Build a Brighter Tucson!”

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World of Coffee Tasting (Coffee 101)

Join us on Monday, July 17th, starting at 6:30pm, along with our friends from Adventure Coffee Roasting, as we explore some of the world’s finest coffees. Learn how roasting and grind can affect the brew in the cup. Come learn to identify and describe the flavors you enjoy. Food pairings will also be available.

This is a FUN and LOW-KEY get together to share the greatness of all that coffee can be (what else would you expect at Brewd?) Several roasts from various regions around the globe, will be presented for the tasting, showing how distinct and exciting each one can be. Stick around after the event for more coffee talk, socializing with your neighbors and, perhaps, a glass of wine or beer.

Purchase tickets at Brewd. Advance purchase: $5.00 through July 10th. $6.50 from July 11th through 16th. $8.00 the day of the event.

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Summer Reading and Other Fun

Join us Saturday at 10:00am for a reading and question and answer session with the author.

This book will touch you with its story,  flush with synchronicity, serendipity and a touch of humor.  In a day when we can use more hope and a kinder world, we offer you a nice, midday break to the same old, same old.

If you are an artist, looking for a venue, contact us through our Events page. We hope to continue to add events and entertainment throughout the summer.

Finally, please note the changes to our hours of operation. We are getting a late start with our transition to summer hours but beginning June 25th, we will be closing at 2:00pm everyday, except for Fridays and Saturdays. We will be open later on those nights when we have events. We thank you for your patience as we strive to serve the community yet maintain a sustainable business.

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Thinking Green… and Outside of the Box

Here at Brewd we love our patrons and we love our planet.  When we say that we love our patrons, we mean it. You offer us tips and ideas and share your concerns and love, and we appreciate all of your feedback.

Since the beginning of Brewd we have looked for ways to be better stewards of our resources and of the planet. Recently we started looking at our to-go cup situation, to determine the option which is the best for our planet. We do not currently have the ability to recycle waste, so we encourage use of our in-house mugs or your reusable cups for our beverages. This is not only the “greenest” option but also the most pleasurable. However, we know that sometimes you are on the go and need one of our to-go cups.

For decades folks have been debating the merits of paper over Styrofoam. Many companies have done away with foam containers, believing that they are worse for the environment than paper. While on the surface, this may appear true, when considering many factors, recent studies show a surprising result:

  1. Modern paper cups (like those used for hot coffee) are lined with a thin plastic coating that drastically reduces their ability to decompose and, as they do, they off-gas some undesirable gasses into the environment.
  2. Paper cups use about 12 times the amount of water and 36 times the amount of electricity in production, than foam cups.
  3. Due to their thin nature it is usually necessary to use a cardboard sleeve or an entire second cup to help keep hands cooler, thus adding more production costs and waste to the system! Foam is light weight and is a great insulator, so can stand on its own.
  4. Neither lined paper nor polystyrene cups are currently very recyclable, so neither has a distinct advantage over the other one here.
  5. Polystyrene cups are much less expensive than paper cups and can be used for both hot and cold beverages.

After taking into account all of these factors, and considering the complete life of each cup (from creation and use through disposal), the polystyrene (aka foam) cups actually appear to have a smaller impact on the environment. This has led us to take the leap and start to replace our paper and plastic cups with foam cups in an effort to be more “green.”

We will continue to encourage use of our in-house mugs for your drinks. And remember, if you have a reusable cup or tumbler for us to refill, we always offer a discount on your drinks. This really is the best option for the planet. If you need a reusable cup or tumbler, we have those for sale, too.

Below we have listed some of the sites that we used to compile our information. As always, we welcome your input on this!



Paper or foam for your take out cup

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